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What is Intrasonic?

The frequency of sound waves is measured in Hertz with 1 wave oscillation per second being 1 Hertz. Sound waves are divided into three groups:

  1. Infrasonic are less than 16hz (too low to be heard)
  2. Intrasonic is between 16hz and 20,000hz. This is the frequency band which Novasonic Therapy uses.
  3. Ultrasonic is above 20,000hz (too high to be heard)

Intrasonic is the range of sound frequencies which we can hear. Novasonic Therapy uses a specific part of the intrasonic range which has been found to have the optimum frequency and power to create the ideal resonance in human tissue.

How Novasonic Therapy Works

Ultrasonic therapy is light enough for application anywhereWhen intrasonic sound waves reach the molecules, which make up the cells of human tissue, each molecule absorbs a small amount of energy and then passes the wave on to the next molecule. This ripple effect continues until all the waves’ energy has been absorbed. When a molecule is hit by a soundwave close to their inherent frequency they will oscillate or strongly 'resonate'. The many different molecules in human tissue have different inherent frequencies.
Novasonic Therapy generates soundwaves which create this resonance effect across a wide spectrum of body tissue which is what makes it so unique and effective. Novasonic pulses are conducted through lymph and spinal fluids, cartilage, muscle tissue and bone with significant therapeutic consequences, particularly in the treatment of joints

How does this improve my health?

Ultrasonic therapy can treat body tissue up to 60mm deepThe oscillation, or resonance, of the molecule causes alternating compression and relaxation of the cell. It is, in effect, a form of massage at a cellular level deep within the tissue undergoing the treatment.
When the cell is compressed it loses some of its fluid, usually containing waste products and toxins. As the pressure relaxes fresh nutrients are drawn into the cell which starts the therapeutic healing process. Hormones within the tissue are also stimulated by this oscillation effect and they will improve blood flow to the area for many hours.

How do Intrasonic and Ultrasonic Sound Waves Compare?

Ultrasound waves are widely used in medicine for both diagnosis, such as ultrasound scans and echocardiograms, and treatment. Ultrasound waves are able to penetrate deep into the body and must be very specifically targeted when they are used at very high energy levels to heat and destroy fibroids and tumors. Ultrasound can only be used therapeutically by very qualified medical professionals.
Intrasonic waves are perfectly safe for home use. They can only travel about 60mm into the body tissue and so it is very easy to target a specific area, such as a muscle or cartilage, close to the surface of the body. Intrasonic waves can stimulate the body tissue but are not strong enough to heat or destroy tissue.

What is the difference between a TENS machine and Novasonic Therapy?

TENS (stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units use electronic nerve stimulation to reduce pain messages being sent to the brain offering a quick solution to pain relief, but not treat the cause of the pain.
Novasonic treats pain by stimulating blood flow to an area and encouraging tissue to repair itself. The pain relief may take longer but over time it can be more effective as it actually treats the affected area as well as offering pain relief.
Both machines can be used in conjunction with each other as complimentary therapies.

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"I used Novasonic to treat my own Tennis Elbow with success which enabled me to stop taking N.S.A.I.D.'S for pain relief. As a Doctor to a senior Professional football club I use Novasonic to provide relief to Muscle Joint Strains, avoiding drug intake and allowing treatment at home - enabling players to return to the game earlier."

Dr. Wilson,

"Novasonic is used in my Chiropody practice to treat a variety of symptoms with remarkable results e.g. Hallux Valgus & Bursitis- with remarkable results. Novasonic also reduces swelling, eases pain and restores tissue. It also eases the pain of Rheumatic and Arthritic conditions.

J.M.A. Ch.

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